Minimum Order value – Rs. 650/- for Home Delivery up to radius of 3 KM. Beyond 3 KM, a convenience charge of Rs. 150/- will be applicable.

  1. No minimum order value for pick up from outlets
  2. For Customised Cakes Lead time is 72 Hrs.
  3. Customised Cakes can be cancelled up to 12 hrs from the time of order.
  4. Same day delivery will not be cancelled, once order is placed.
  5. Beverages to be delivered only to 3 KM radius.

At 180degreeoven.com, we want you to be completely satisfied with your purchase and enjoy your shopping spree. We have framed our Return Policy to meet your various complaints. When you need to return an item, please review the complete details of our return policy below to determine if any special return conditions apply. Long shelf life items should be returned within 3-5 days of the delivery date. While most of the non-perishable items are returnable, they are subject to the following guidelines as per "Conditions for Return" :
a) Damaged or Wrongly Shipped Items
Long Shelf Life Products: In case of damaged or wrongly shipped items, the request for exchange should be submitted within 3-5 days of the delivery date. After return of the product as per "Conditions for Return", replacement for damaged/ wrongly shipped items will be made. Short Shelf Life Products: In case of short shelf life products like cakes and flowers refund will be entertained only if they are wrongly shipped.
b) Refund for non-delivery of Items
Long Shelf Life Products: In case of missed / non-delivery of long shelf life products, while the recipient is away, the order will be repeated once more after the stipulated day. In case of non-delivery of a product altogether, then the refund for the same will be made. Short Shelf Life Products: For delivery of cakes and flowers the delivery of items will be attempted only once. Being perishable in nature, there will be no refund against such items.
c) Partial-Refunds :
Partial Refunds will be made in case of multiple goods being ordered and one/few items amongst that list is/are not delivered. In such cases, customers get refund only against non-executed deliveries.
d) Refund against cancelled orders :
Refund will be made only against approved cancelled orders. Conditions for Return Product must be in good condition and not damaged as per the original invoice and specifications. If you are returning a product listed below, please check to make sure, your return meets the conditions described.

  1. Cookies and Chocolates must be Returned within 3-5 days.
  2. Short Shelf Life Products - May not be returned, unless damaged during transportation or wrongly delivered.

Note: Refund for item(s) or exchange for damaged/ wrongly shipped item(s) will be made/done after deducting the shipping/handling charges.
Duration of Returns:
a) Returns on Credit Card : Please allow up to two billing cycles for the return credit to appear on your credit card statement.  No Cash refunds.
b) Alternative Method – Outlet Credit : If credit cannot be issued to your credit card, then on mutual acceptance a store credit will be issued i.e. order worth the refund amount can be used in future from your store credit for other purchase.
Return Policy - Cakes
3D cakes, Cakes with 3 or more tiers, and orders over Rs. 8000 may require a signed customer waiver, granting us creative license and a written commitment to purchase the cake we create for you.
Cancellation Policy (Retail Cakes):
Changes and cancellations to retail orders are accepted until 72 hours prior to scheduled pick up time. No refunds will be provided for orders that are cancelled with less than 72 hours notice. All cancellation refunds are subject to a 10% fee:
Changes to order (Retail Cakes):
You may make any changes that you wish to a retail order until 72 hours prior to the pick up time on your online order form. We cannot guarantee any additional flavors will be available if changes are made within 72 hours.
Cancellation Policy (Wedding Cakes):
A non-refundable deposit of Rs. 3000 is required to reserve your wedding date. You may cancel your wedding day reservation until 15 days prior to your wedding and receive a full refund less the Rs. 3000 deposit.
Changes to order (Wedding Cakes):
Changes may be made to wedding cake flavors, servings counts, and design until 15 days before your wedding date. At that time, everything must be finalized, no changes to serving count, flavors or design after the 15 day point.
1. We GUARANTEE that your cake/cupcakes will be decorated to EVERY specification on your written order form. Upon pick-up of your cake, adjustments can be made for an additional charge.
2. We will ALWAYS take you through our 3 point check, when you pick up your cake. This means that we will ask you if everything is spelled correctly. We will go through your entire order with you, with a copy of your paper order in hand. We will ask if there is anything that we can do to make the cake more special for you.
Refund Policy:
If upon picking up your cake, you are not 100% satisfied with the look of your cake, you are NOT obligated to take the cake.  If you choose not to take the cake, you will be issued a full refund via original purchase method. Upon pick-up of your cake, adjustments to the cake decoration can be made for an additional charge. Once the cake leaves our shop, you may bring the cake back in for design adjustments, however there may be a charge for this service as well. We are not responsible for any damage occurring to the cake during transport, set-up or any time thereafter. After the cake leaves the shop, special consideration will be given to any issues regarding cake flavors and fillings. Refunds will be determined based upon portion of cake returned to the shop.
Artistic License Disclaimer©:
Every cake we make is hand-made. Decorative finishes are done by hand and are subject to the artistic interpretation of our expert cake architects. You may provide us with a photograph for inspiration and duplication; however, we make no claims for exact duplication of the work done by other cake decorators.